1. Solar array converts energy from sunlight into electricity.
    2. The inverter converts the electricity produced by the solar array from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for use in your home, school or business and measures the energy produced by the solar array.
    3. The energy is used in your home, school or business.
    4. The NEM Meter records energy usage and excess energy produced.
  1. Excess energy not used by the property goes back to the electric grid.OR

    NEM allows users to benefit from solar PV energy. The solar energy generated will be consumed by your building first and the excess energy will be exported into the national grid to offset your TNB bill.

    The excess energy will be recorded in credit form by a bi-directional meter and the energy credit will then be offset on a one-on-onebasis per kWh unit. The validity period for this energy credit is 24 months.